Monday, July 2, 2007

About Evn-Odm Projects


When our "SONG SERVICE" is available on your cell phone, you will hear two OPPOSITE song-lyrics combined into a very short "Fortune-Cookie" message which will always guide you wisely thru any given 20-minute sector of any 72-sector DAY (plus NITE). Each song combines a DAY message with its opposite NITE message (in Real Local Time).

Therefore, if you choose to "get guidance" from a global-tuning SONG, you ask the service to enter the longitude-location of your body and then to give you:

FIRST: Your exact Real-Local-Longitude Time (RLT), NOT "commercial time".

SECOND: The SONG for this RLT in the form of:
A. Text message only.
B. Text message plus MELODY.
C. SINGING VOICES (plus instrument accompaniment).
D. INSTRUMENTS ONLY (You supply the lyrics from memory.)

THIRD: Technical Information:
A. "Calendar Hexagram" NUMBER plus Tropical "SIGN" & keyword.
Example: H43 (Aries), keyword = PERSISTING
H20 (Libra), keyword= REFLECTING

B. KEYWORDS for: (examples:)
1. eighth sector = DEMANDING NATIVITY opposite
2. quad sector = NATIVITY opposite EQUALITY
3. half sectors = COMPETITION opposite COOPERATION

It is our fond hope that as you become familiar with the 36 "Calendar-Hexagram" SONGS, merely hearing their melodies will call to your mind the lyric messages which should be applied to any given 20-min.-wide time-sector of the 24-hour (RLT) DAY-NITE arena. These "Fortune-Cookie" messages will give you valuable, global-tuning guidance to make your life more naturally creative both NITE & DAY.