Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chimp Joint Philosophy


Wu_0000 said...


Made my day


Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have just got to come back and say more... I have never done this before.

This is the most creative piece of work I have seen in many years.

The cross referencing is subtle and very humorous.

It's a beautiful, sensual, confident celebration of the human body.

It has a message which it caries lightly and with power.

I really came looking for the I Ching link tho’... Psst... The I Ching was not associated with the planets... except in later Chinese attempts to superimpose a universal system... The tidal Gua are the exception. By trying to develop the model you do you perhaps loose the fundamental wisdom and other ‘secrets’ which we are only just uncovering... Fear of spamming prevents me from giving references. Yi’s complexity does open it up to almost any superimposed theorising... please think carefully... It is a precious thing which we apes need to find a way forward out of our silly selfish mess. Confusing it confuses the message... perhaps?

I write with great respect for a self evidently very creative and wonderful person... thank you again for making this wonderful film.