Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About The Book "The I-Ching Ecliptic Tuner"

Finally, Don (like a cosmic Sherlock Holmes) has found the "MISSING BODY" in "astrology". He is the first person ever to design a chart which shows the BODY riding our Earth-globe thru the 12 Real-Time "Calendar Hexagrams" (three in each day-nite quadrant) while the Sun STANDS STILL at the constant MID-DAY MARK in the center of the ECLIPTIC race-track.

It´s not easy to make a BRIEF statement about this book because it consists of six full chapters and a math-formula Appendix. As a "teaser-gift" to you, we will soon be posting for "free download" our Table of Contents and the First Two Chapters so as to accomplish two goals, as follows:

1. To convince any reader of its REVOLUTIONARY nature.

2. To attract a DARING agent who might be in a position to promote the publishing of the entire work in English, Spanish, or Portuguese so that it can be seen in bookshops and libraries (in the I-CHING section, not the Astrology section).

I am convinced that this book corrects over 2,000 years of erroneous "astrological" theory and practice by the imperialistic cultures of the northern hemisphere. For example, if you were born 25 December in Montevideo Uruguay, you are a Cancer (not a Capricorn) because "Opposite seasons means opposite signs." The 12 signs are created, not by the star patterns (constellations) IN the sky which for centuries guided the mercantile sailors of the northern hemisphere. No, the 12 signs are created by the back-and-forth movement of the Sun´s ecliptic striking point (ESP) ON the surface of the globe within the two zones above and below the equator which we call "the tropics".

Perhaps the most revolutionary thing about the book is its rejection of the "horizon worship" practiced by the TWAs of the northern hemisphere and even some of the watchers of Venus in the southern hemisphere. Now that we have ascended into outer space with our rockets, we can affirm a new "vertical axis" and abandon such outdated concepts as the ascendant and descendant (eastern and western horizons). These concepts no longer apply (if they ever really did). Also it´s time we dropped those erroneous assignments of fire, earth, air, and water to certain signs. This was an attempt to unite astrology with the medical practice of the ancients who believed in the "four humors" of the body. Nonsense. Also nonsense is the idea that a planet "rules" a sign (or even has a certain "affinity" for it).

Certainly the 12 I-CHING "Calendar Hexagrams" in this book are much more reasonable in explaining not only the 12 "signs" of the 365-day year, but the 12 "signs" (TWAs "houses") of the 24-hour, Real-Time, Day-Nite arena. And you will be surprised by what Don has to say about the Moon and the Planets! They are much simpler than those old Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, and much more logical.

Old religions die hard, especially when they continue to make money for their "priests" and practitioners. Therefore, I predict that there will be some very strong resistance to this new system. Specifically, many astrological "authorities" (past and present) will be challenged by my appeal to "stop worshipping the horizon" (the ascendant) and to start considering the probability that a new charting system which views our globe from the two "pole stars" (a north and south "verticality") promises to give us a way to study the possible influence of the mechanics of our Solar system, not only on the human body, but on the bodies of every living organism on Earth, no matter how simple or "primitive".

2. DARING to publish.
It´s important for any prospective agent to know that I do not want this book to appear on the shelves of bookstores and libraries alongside books on astrology (again, it is not "Chinese astrology"). No, it must appear alongside books on the I-CHING. It is this ancient and wise Chinese document with its organic roots in Siberian shamanism that deserves all the credit for this totally new and essentially scientific (geometric) concept of how our globe and its creatures relate to the Solar system.

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Ice-Sphinx said...

I love the elegant and cryptic acronym ESP

ecliptic striking point for the SUN... I think I may very well credit you in my next story for this beautiful formulae-sation ;)