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Questions and Answers

1. Who is DON EVN-ODM?

Born 26 Nov.1929 (in the Sun-sign SAG) as R. Don Springer, he established on 08 Nov.1988 (at the time of his second "Saturn return") a new identity (the Sun-sign SCO) and a new name. The new name has symbolic meaning: The I CHING says that EVEN numbers are on the left side of the BODY and that ODD numbers are on the right side of the BODY. Numerology (from the Kabala) gives the number 5 (fingers on left hand and on right hand) to the name EVN and to the name ODM (the total is 10 which "distills" to the "unity" ONE). Also the "evening" (EVE) quadrant of the 24-hour day is equal (in I-CHING meaning) to the "autumn" (AUT) quadrant of the 365-day year (an evening in autumn). And finally, because Don has been a long-time professional dancer (classical ballet and musical comedy), he likes to say of himself: "Even autumn (EVN ODM) is a good time of my life to dance." And so as a travelling performer, he continues (now 2007, at age 78) to dance (in his "born-again-chimp" costume) so as to help save "his mother, the TREE" (MORE ABOUT THIS LATER).

2. What does this new system offer?

First and foremost, this new system REPLACES Traditional Western Astrology (TWA) which has been replete with serious "global errors" for over 2000 years. (Read Don´s book: "The I-CHING Ecliptic Tuner")

3. Is it then a new astrology?

NO, do not call it "astrology" because "astro" means "star", and the ONLY "star" in this new system is our Sun which stands STILL in the center of the ECLIPTIC "race-track" of moving planets. Therefore, we call our new system "I-CHING ECLIPTOLOGY", and we DO NOT move the Sun around in our birth charts (as do the archaic TWA "gurus").

4. Why I-CHING?

The Chinese I-CHING "Book of Changes" contains 64 hexagrams. But 12 of these are called the "Calendar Hexagrams" which exquisitely explain our GLOBAL TIME in reference to the Sun and NOT to the eastern horizon (the "ascendant"). These 12 hexagrams then become the 12 "signs" of the yearly 365-day cycle and also become the 12 "signs" (TWA´s "houses") of the daily 24-hour cycle. These "Day-Nite-Arena" signs operate ONLY with the observation of Real Local Time (RLT) and NOT according to the commonly observed "clock & watch" standard-zone (commercial) time. (MORE ABOUT THIS LATER)

5. Is this then "Chinese astrology"?

NO, this is not "Chinese astrology" (the year of the pig, dog, snake, or whatever). There are absolutely NO ANIMALS (and NO "ZOODIAC" of "star signs") in our new system...only twelve very logical, philosophical concepts relating to the "born-again chimp" BODY which is commonly (and much too arrogantly) called "human".

6. How do the 12 "signs" relate to the new BODY?

The circular drawing shows how Traditional Western Astrology (TWA) relates the "signs" to the "human" BODY. This, of course, is a ridiculous contortion based on the "ouroboros", the snake which swallows his own tail. The rectangular drawing shows how the new I-CHING system relates the "signs" to the "born-again chimp" BODY.

7. What is "Don´s new BODY Credo"?

DON´S NEW "BODY CREDO" (The Born-Again Chimp):
Now (2007) at age 78, I have finally found three little words to be the key to my daily "philosophy" (call it my "religion" if you like). This "holy trinity" of words is TIME-CHING-BODY.

During the 60´s and 70´s I believed in Traditional Western Astrology (TWA). Its northern-hemisphere view of TIME as a meaningful variation of the four seasons with their 12 "zoodiac" signs and its clocking of the Moon and planetary cycles seemed to "promise" a deeper understanding of my experiences here on Earth. But during the 80´s I abandoned that TWA "promise" and found in the 12 "Calendar Hexagrams" of the Chinese I-CHING a better explanation of both TIME and our globe´s evolving biological forms. These 12 hexagrams not only explain the 12 yearly signs better than TWA does; they also tell the colonialized people of the southern hemisphere that they are the sign OPPOSITE from what those northern-hemisphere TWA "gurus" say they are.

This "new truth" comes from the undeniable fact that "opposite seasons mean opposite signs". Finally, because of my studies in dance, meditation, and Tai Chi, I have come to realize that every part of my BODY has its own "intelligence" (call it "brain" if you like). Furthermore, I am convinced that when we, as ape-mammals, descended from the trees, much of our innate (natural) BODY WISDOM was confiscated by our cultures (NOT natural).
Hence our various BODY PARTS (especially our hands, arms, and feet) have been enslaved (by tools and by architecture) and forced to pay hidden BODY TAXES in our daily work rituals.

In conclusion, I feel it is now my mission in life to spread the new "gospel" of the "BORN-AGAIN APE" so that people can actually "feel" with their WHOLE BODIES every one of the 20-minute-wide "TIME-CHING" changes of the 24-hour Real-Time (NOT commercial Clock-Time) day.

8. Why does the word "ecliptic" sound like the word "eclipse", and what is the difference?

Most people when they hear the word “ECLIPSE”, think “SHADOW”. An “eclipse” of the Moon means that the Earth is throwing a shadow on the Moon. An “eclipse” of the Sun means that the Moon is throwing a shadow on the Earth. We also use the word “poetically” as in: “His performance in school was ‘eclipsed’ by that of his brother”. This means that as a student, he “stood in his brother’s shadow”.

But what most people don’t know is that the word “eclipse” comes from the word “ECLIPTIC” which is the name of an invisible flat plane. This plane is like a round, glass table-top with "race-track lanes" in which the planets circle the stationary Sun in the center. The “ECLIPTIC LINE” begins in the center of the Sun, runs thru the center of the Earth, and extends out to Neptune. The only times we can have “an eclipse” is when the Moon is ON THIS LINE. (See figures below; click image to enlarge)

9. Why do you keep CAPITALIZING the word "BODY"?

By now (if you have read the answers to questions 1 thru 8) you will probably "sense" that I capitalize the word "BODY" because I wish to stress its primary position in that "trinity" of cultural (historical and religious) "values" we call "mental, physical, and spiritual". Yes, I know that it is possible to maintain a healthy and clever "brain" inside one´s skull even though the rest of the BODY functions badly (as in the remarkable case of Stephen Hawking, among others). However, I am constantly dismayed by the way too many people neglect or even mal-treat their bodies either in the pusuit of short-time, excessive pleasures or in the hopes that a denigration of the BODY will somehow "elevate" the "spirit" into "bliss", "nirvana", or some other kind of exalted "merit" in a supposed afterlife.

For most of my long life I have treated my BODY with great respect because I refuse to believe it is less important than "mind" or "spirit". Also I seriously doubt that when my BODY "breaks-down" into death, I will be awarded another BODY in another life. And when I do feel this "breaking-down" process, I will be very happy to hail my BODY as the "best friend" I ever had in this life. Such has been my special blessing. Would that everyone could say the same.

10. What is this new "system" trying to "SELL" me?

Actually, I am not "SELLING" anything because money for this project does not interest me. No, I am a TEACHER who feels that my steady work and heavy investment on and in this new system (for the past 30 years) is MY GIFT TO THE WORLD in which the combined fields of theatre and public education have treated me VERY WELL, indeed. I am grateful for the many blessings in my long life. Let us say that I wish (in my final years on this globe) to PROMOTE (not to "SELL") four major "BUNDLES" of revolutionary information within this new system.

These four "BUNDLES" are as follows:

BUNDLE 1. My firm belief that we "humans" evolved from the "great apes" and that we owe many of our unique attributes to what we learned from "our mother, the TREE".

BUNDLE 2. My suspicion that in spite of the inordinate pride we take in such "human" things as extensive tool-usage (much too clever our "mischievous" hands), language (we talk too much), architecture (too much of the vertical and horizontal "plus" axis as in architecture, windows, and furniture), we really need to be much more aware of what our tree-trained BODY is telling us every "double-hour" of the day.

BUNDLE 3: I give you a completely new Birth-Chart and Transit-Chart form based on viewing our globe from either the North Star (Polaris) and some "South Star" (now nameless). This new chart-form is fully explained in my book, "The I-CHING Ecliptic Tuner." The drawings in the section "About The Book "The I-Ching Ecliptic Tuner" will give you a sense of why this chart is different from the one TWAs use for their births and transits.

BUNDLE 4: the Law of Oppositions. "Extremes can resolve to a middle. Polarities always seek a resolution." (Part of the message from I-CHING'S Hexagram "OPPOSITION")

New Lyrics to an Old Song:

-NITE and DAY-

You are the two,

The most basic opposition

We ever knew.

But our globe just won´t

Spin true

Till we make a marriage

Of "One" from you.

DAY- and -NITE

What can we do?

NOTE: the answer to that question will be found in the next section under the heading "Telling Time" which then leads to our musical setting of the 72 "Fortune Cookie Messages" into "opposition pairs" (-Day message plus NITE- message) as lyrics to our new ... "36 GLOBAL RLT SONGS" (a Future Automated Service via computer & phone)

Beyond the "BUNDLES" we have or will have soon other "PROGRAMS", as follows:


A. The 12min. "It´s About Time" (in two parts).

B. A 6-min. "Pipa Brazil Family Ritual" promotional video.

C. A 2-hour (two acts) TV-studio "Equinox Ceremony", Natal Brazil (2004) which can be viewed whole or in parts.

2. FUTURE ECO-TRAVEL ACTS (made to order as a fund-raiser for your "Save-the" org)

This act can be an attractive fund-raising event for various ecological oganizations.

Wherever it goes, it changes its content to celebrate a specific occasion or a significant time. It can celebate a time of birth (of a person or of an organization ), a wedding, or an anniversary. Or it can celebrate the time of a cosmic event in the heavens such as a new moon, a full moon, or an equinox.The possibilities are endless, and each show is tailor-made to suit each occasion.
Don and one assistant are the travelling core of the act. All other personnel such as narrator and technical assistants (lights, sound, house management) will be recruited locally wherever the act travels. Because we are using this act primarily to promote the sales of Don´s book, there is no charge for our professional services. We ask only the travel cost, temporary housing, and the hiring of the local narrator and technical personnel required for the performance and for the rehearsals. We require a rehearsal time of three weeks before the performance.



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